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The restaurant is named after one of the busiest streets in London City. Cheapside historically was a location for food markets, first coffee shops and stock exchange. All main dishes are prepared in a closed oven-grill josper stoked up with charcoal. Original, memorable taste, and savoury presentation of  juicy meat and vegetables with ruddy crust and smoky flavor rarely leave anyone indifferent. All dishes cooked in josper save vitamins and natural minerals being equally roasted. 
Dear guests, we offer you two options for the delivery of Cheapside restaurant:
  • Foodfox

    For 45 minutes in a radius of 2.5 km from the restaurant within the Garden Ring road.
  • Delivery Club

    Average time of delivery 45 minutes.
    Free delivery to destinations within the Garden Ring
    Accepted cards and cash
    Sun – Th 11:00am – 10:30pm
    Fr – Sa 24 hours
  • Podnesi.ru

    for 60-90 minutes within the Ring Road.
    350 ₽
    Accepted cards and cash
    from 11:00 to 22:00

Table reservation

Feel free to reserve a table at our restaurant via email or calling us at +7 (499) 272 13. We do not accept reservations before 4 p.m. on weekdays and on Friday.

Table reservation
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  • 22 июня 2017


  • 7 июня 2017
  • 29 марта 2017

    Dear friends!

    We have great news: we just added a few new dishes and completely updated the wine list and beer menu.

    You will definitely appreciate 6 new signature dishes from our chef Alexey Petrichenko: Beef Tartar with Parmesan Mousse, Marlin Ceviche, Onion soup cooked in the best Parisian tradition, nourishing Chowder and Veal Cheeks with Quinoa and Eggplant have all chances to become your favorites.

    Our sommelier really took the time not only to select wines from the world’s most respectful wineries, but also to serve them in the best possible glasses. Each of the 15 types of wine will be poured into the famous Riedel glasses. Riedel Company is renowned for creating individual glasses for each particular type of drink. Riedel experts and wine fans believe that only the perfect shaped glass is capable to enhance taste and flavor to the fullest.

    We will also please the fans of beer with 23 new sorts from Belgium, Germany, England, and USA with a nice bonus: you will get 20% off by ordering a set of 7 bottles of different beers or a jar of a draft beer.

    See you soon at our restaurant!

Selling alcohol to minors, pregnant and breastfeeding women, people suffering from CNS and digestive disorders is prohibited by law. The website contains information that is not recommended for minors.
The information about alcohol on the website is not a purchase offer and is brought to visitors’ attention according the Russian Federation law of 07.02.1992 № 381-ФЗ.